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(b. 1981, American) Amanda Marie uses graphic stencils and images redolent of 'Golden Age' storybook imagery. In an article for Frame Publishers' online magazine, Carmel McNamara said these images: "straddle a line between comforting and spooky". She frequently features the signature characters of a young boy and girl. In 2012, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art held a solo exhibition of her work and noted that these stylised figures: "seem to have been lifted from the pages of a mid-twentieth century children’s book and have traded the protective home of childhood nostalgia for a slightly more adventurous and unsettling world, somewhere between dream and reality".

Alongside recurring graphic themes of children and animals, she favors twin, repeated or mirrored imagery, developed with multiple uses of the same stencil on the artwork.  Her street art and outdoor paintings and murals incorporate the same primary technique of stencil painting on a large scale.  In gallery, museum or other indoor exhibitions, she typically creates artworks using aerosol paint, acrylic and sewing pattern paper, on watercolor paper, canvas, or wood. She also uses screen printing technique and gel transfers. For outdoor work, the dominant materials are aerosol and acrylic.

instagram: @seeyouthroughit

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