Andenken Gallery was started in Denver Colorado in 1997. 

From the beginning, our interest has always been progressive contemporary art.  It's a broad term admittedly, and taste based for sure.  

We've hosted +/- 200 shows since we began.  We've been blessed to show some of the best artists in Street Art, Skateboarding Culture, Graffuturism and Abstract Contemporary movements.  

We've had a lot of locations since starting the gallery.  Our first 4 spaces were in Denver, and then we had 5 spaces in Amsterdam...now we are on to our first space in Portugal, it's called 'The Holdout' and it's about an hour north of Lisbon in a little place called Areeiro, in the township of Alcobaça. 

In the spring of 2018, we purchased the land and old farm buildings that have now become The Holdout.  It's about 2 acres of land, with an apple orchard, a gallery space, and a visiting artist apartment and studio.

It's been a constant battle keeping our google maps location(s) up to date  but it looks like 'The Holdout' is set to be a truly permanent home for the gallery and a place for artists to enjoy short residencies. 

Mando Marie making use of the Studio

Gallery Space, 2022

Visiting Artist Apartment and Studio, 2022


Now for the important stuff: 

Our policy about purchasing, is straight forward.  If you collect artwork from us, we will do whatever we must to insure your satisfaction.   

Shipping is almost always FedEx, or DHL and those are our default.  Sometimes, by necessity or availability we ship by other means, but will always let you know first. 

Preferred contact is email, write us about whatever is on your mind


It's stamped all over the page, but if you happen not to see it and want to follow us on instagram, it's @andenken

Below are some images of some of our various gallery spaces over the years.  Dig on it.  



Block Building , Denver 2007-2008 - Artists featured here, Scot Lefavor, Buff Monster, Mando Marie

Spray Building 21st and Market, Denver 2000 - 2006

De Hallen, Amsterdam 2009 - 2011

Andenken / Battalion Boutique at Lijnbaansgracht 206, Amsterdam 

Spray Building 21st and Market, Denver 2000 - 2006

Westerpark, Amsterdam 2012 - 2015 - From UNGA's solo exhibition, 'You Will Die Today'

Oosterpark, Amsterdam 2016-2018 Installation views from Laura Berger 'The Sun Is Between Us'

Scope Art Fair, Miami 2016 w/ artist Mando Marie 


Block Building, Denver 2007 - 2008

Faile at Spray Building, Denver 2005