Artist Residency Program

The Holdout Art Farm Residency Program was started in 2018.  We are located in a tiny spot called Areeiro, close to the world famous beach Narare in an area of Portugal often referred to as the Silver Coast.  

Brooklyn based artist, Scott Albrecht, was our first resident.  

Scott's exhibition, in May of 2019, was co-hosted by Danish project, The Jaunt, and marked the beginning of an ongoing program that has seen the likes of Cody Hudson, Jeffrey Cheung, Jordy Kerwick, Ces McCully and Tony Barry.


We've got a very strong horizon of visiting artists in 2022 including Evan Hecox, Tellas, Koralie and Supakitch.  The visiting artists enjoy their own Artist apartment and loft as well as a dedicated and private studio space, with use of the sauna, outdoor shower and a rooftop deck overlooking our quaint valley of orchards and amazing sunsets.  

In 2023 We will officially create an open call for our residency program.